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woman, Melissa, pours tea for alien friend, Fran

Melissa St Moore is an eccentric dream pop musician in Chicago, IL. She likes to incorporate symbolism in her songs and sometimes paint pictures with words. Her self-titled debut is available everywhere.

A self-taught dancer, conductor of her own train, and comedienne by circumstance, St Moore creates inner and outer worlds with her creative mix of sound and vision that defies traditional genres. Her inspiration is rooted in the music and art of the 1970s in NYC. Lately she has been listening to Santigold, Goldfrapp, New Order, and Peaches. As a performance artist, video antics and glitchy electronics lend themselves to high energy vocals, and she has played in many venues throughout LA and NYC, including a spot opening for Nina Hagen.

Melissa holds a BA from San Francisco State University and studied Film Music at UCLA with award winning composer, Elizabeth Myers, who advised her in the making of the album. Co-Producer and Engineer Jesse String (Leonard Cohen, Nick Jonas) adds a catchy pop sensibility to the arrangements and Grammy nominated duo, The Ditty Bops, (Bob Dylan, Natalie Merchant) accent two tracks with atmospheric vocals & piano including on a spontaneous rendition of, "Take me Out to the Ball Game!.” Eric Harvey lends a rock feel to many of the songs, with his high energy guitar playing and industrialized pedals.

Melissa also works as a Web Developer where she helps build full stack web experiences for companies such as Statefarm, Michelin, TMobile, and Western Union. (photo Brandon Rizzuto 2016)