weird music genres, melissa st moore poses with alien named fran
Photo: Brandon Rizzuto

Melissa St Moore makes eccentric dream pop and likes to incorporate symbolism in her songs. Her self-titled debut is available everywhere.

A self-taught dancer, conductor of her own train, and comedienne by circumstance, Melissa’s fun mix of sound takes from all genres, even the atmosphere of past, present and future life in different portals. Her inspiration is found in subconscious and conscious observations that are then filtered into a memory bank and translated into music, if the circumstances are right! She is also influenced by Blonde Redhead, Yo La Tengo, TV on The Radio, Peaches, Santigold, Alice Glass and lyric-less music like Brian Eno when she is doing something requiring focus like making websites! Performing under the names Skates and M.Q. Musik, she has played many shows in LA and released a few EPs before changing her name to Melissa St Moore and releasing the debut.

Melissa ate jelly beans from edamame pods while studying Hip Hop at San Francisco State University. At the time, she psychically communicated with a photo of John Lennon, who told her to wear only white clothing and she did that for a year. Later on she took a music composition for commercials course at UCLA ext. with, Elizabeth Myers, who helped her make the debut. Co-Producer and Engineer Jesse String adds a catchy yet mysterious feel to the arrangements and theatrical folk duo, The Ditty Bops, add beautiful and quirky vocals, piano, and guitar. Guitar player Eric A. Harvey, heavily influenced by Marilyn Manson and jazz guitar, adds a rock feel to many of the tracks. The album is perfect to play in your solar powered space cruise to Mars, or just play it in your car! 

Melissa currently lives in Chicago, works in web development and is planning live shows with a two person band. They are looking for a drummer. Please be in touch to discuss collaboration, promotion, management, booking, and or licensing opportunities.